Monday, December 14, 2009

Steven Clancy's Matinicus Double-Ender

Last Year, I wrote an article for the "Ash Breeze", the quarterly journal published by the TSCA (Traditional Small Craft Assoc.) desrcribing the start of my MDE boatbuilding project. I got a nice email from Steven Clancy who built the same boat 20 years ago out in  Bellingham Washington. Steven sent along some nice photos, and I'd like to share them here!


Steven built his hull from 6mm occume and framed her up with laminated, sawn frames, instead of steamed ribs. This will be my plan as well (the frames, that is). His thwarts and stern sheets are cherry.
Steven did a beautiful job with his peapod, and Matty, as she is called, now belongs to his daughter Brenna, and son in law Ben.  Its time for me to get to work! Can't wait.        


Leonard Seastone said...


I and a friend recently bought a restored Mantinicus. Walt Simmons built it in 1976. Planning to re-launch it on the Great South Bay this spring. Good luck to you and your construction. And if you sail by this way please look up this Mantinicus sailor.

Leonard Seastone said...
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walter Connolly said...

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