Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Matinicus Double Ender- Part 19

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Smallish post this time, but progress is fairly steady. I've been varnishing the coaming, oarlock pads, and painting the sheer strake (finally). The coaming finish is straight forward. Getting the light right to see the wet edge is always a challenge, and I ended up putting a light source inside the boat to see if that helps, and it's a toss up as to whether its worth fiddling with it. I intend to finsh varnishing the oarlock pads, coaming, and rub rail before painting the deck, so I'm putting a coat on each night.

The sheer strake has gone through a couple of different ideas, color wise, since the beginning. I thought I would paint it dark blue, and that would look nice, but I got to thinking it was too fussy, so I changed my mind to Hatteras Off White (an Interlux color). I put that on, and couldn't stand it. Next to the gray hull, it looked too yellow. I stopped by West Marine while I was en route between jobsites, and paid their ridiculous price for a new quart of bright white. Jamestown Distributors has the same thing for $10 a quart less!

Anyway, the sheer is done, for now.

The photos don't do it justice, the gray hull with white sheer is quite nice! I saw this scheme in WoodenBoat, on someone's Oughtred Grey Seal, and like its' understated "yachtiness". It's yare for sure. I'll be happy to finally get rid of that pink occume when I paint the deck.

'Til then, then.